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if your lucky enough to actual know who i am outside the bbs you probably don't need to read this because you pretty much already know the kind of person i am.... unless you've popped into stickam during time i was verbally raping the room through mic or via text, then you should probably continue reading.

i spend way to much of my life on newgrounds constantly seeking to stir shit up in order to kill some free time and get a few laughs in the process. this has caused a ton of people to either love me for being an asshole, or disregard everything i say because it's usually a bunch of bullshit and me trying to either get some negative attention thrown my way so i can laugh about how seriously some 13 year old user takes the internet.

i really need to get off this fucking site seriously it's eating away at my life. i've been on this site almost 5 fucking years posting about pointless shit responding to all these threads about meaningless events taking place in some kids life 20000 miles away that i don't even care about. sure i've met some friends along the way and had some awesome times that i'll probably forget about it a few years of not logging on anymore but that doesn't make up for how godawful the bbs as a whole is. i'm not even sure why im here, anymore or why anyone else is for that matter.

i think it's time to cut myself from the veins of this site cold turkey. I'm going to be 19 years old soon and do i really want to be looking back at these years of my life to see all the pointless hours i posted away on some general forum listening to other people talk about how they live they're lives instead of living my own? god i really hope not.

anyway, s'later fags.

going to Denmark

2009-07-21 01:59:52 by Zack

edit: people here don't eat enough food

Im unbanned

2009-07-02 01:30:12 by Zack

Thats right fuck you you white honky n***as

When you're deep in a dark dungeon

2009-06-22 01:59:02 by Zack

and the cleric's down and dying
and you've taken all the potions you had left
and you feel like you are doomed
because the demon you set loose
is coming after you and you can smell/hear its breath.
and the door between you and it is pretty thin.
the wizard is all out of spells.
the fighters took a few too many hits.
this thing, it came from hell,
it seems like it can't be killed.
don't ever give up! not all fights are won by skill,
some are won by luck. don't ever give in!
you've gotta keep trying until you lose or you win.
cross your fingers roll the die.
wait with hope for the big two-oh.
cross your fingers roll the die.
let it go. let it roll. don't give up yet, no, don't ever quit.
there's always a chance for a critical hit.
the biggest baddest beasts have easily been beat with one lucky shot.
dragons have fell and kingdoms have been saved
by people giving everything they've got,
by people who never gave up.
by people who know just to let the dice roll and see what comes up.
no we should never ever give up

It's been a wild ride Newgrounds

2009-06-04 13:33:29 by Zack

and it was fun while it lasted, s'later fags.

and with my one last gasping breath i'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt.

We won't stop stop to this beat we're pumping

2009-04-06 18:07:36 by Zack

We rock, till we drop
We won't stop we've got it
Hard hard is the drums your pumping

god life is amazing, i can't even put into words how happy i've been lately. even though my life hasn't exactly been different i just feel so liberated it's as if nothing can get to me anymore, i'm unfuckingtouchable. I really hope you guys are enjoying your lives, if not well fuck it, you should you don't have an excuse, your the one responsible for the way you feel at any given time so put on your favorite song, sing along, get up and dance like nobody's watching.

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Here's my lullaby

2009-03-20 04:02:29 by Zack

Designed to wake you up don't you close you eyes....

You know how I do.

2008-10-26 00:32:31 by Zack

Edit: I'm taking a break from the internet for awhile, you probably wont ever see me around as much, but it's not like you care.

I watch my yellow cat invade my red cat in the yard.
The feline war has raged for years so I assume
it'd be to hard for me to drive my foot between them.
I would never risk the scratch
just to prove to one or both of them a cat is just a cat.
Again, I watch my cousin Greg watch MTV inside his home.
He makes fun of the Hip-hop videos from the couch he rides alone.
Snug in the cushion of his cackling he forgets his looming doubts.
He has relied on this for years; you will not yank the carpet out.
Oh, no. These are my friends. This is who they have been for always.
These are my days. This is how they stay.
This is who they remain forever. This is how we stay.
I watch this dude each night, same table, who creates and crumples up.
His eyes are wide from sipping endlessly his endless coffee cup.
He feeds me quotes, that lonely goat.
I watch him grazing by himself I will not stop him when he rambles;
I'm becoming one myself.
Lou is bugged and shot up with drugs.
He sweats this bird he hardly knows.
All that he wants is to see someone he respects without their clothes
so like some hybrid mother/lover she'd soothe and heal his wounds and kiss
those dying ears so softly that the reaper stops to swoon. Oh please.
I watch my neighbor's son play with his shotgun in the street.
I think I'll blaze all day and marvel at the mass of food I eat.
It's strange; I'm skinny when I'm standing but I'm Buddha when I sit,
and if I'm truly so enlightened why'd I waste your time on it
as I look back at all these crossroads and the middle where I stay,
right up the beaten path to boredom where the fakest fucks get laid
by the faux-finest finds It's been that way and god damn you,
how you stay, with every scummy, crummy hour of the scummy, crummy day.


2008-10-21 00:03:53 by Zack



must find job.